Your Worst Nightmares Stalk You From the Shadows…

Well, my head hurts.

No, not from any sort of illness or lack of caffeine, or anything else for that matter. No, to be quite honest, my head hurts from what I’ve just read.

Yes, the stories gathered here in this collection. My head hurts because I’m trying to repress the images these writers have crafted, the horrors that they have wrought upon the written page.

And I’ve got to tell you, it’s not working.

I can still see them.

I can still hear them.

Today, I sat down in my chair with a cup of coffee. I picked up the book of shorts that the kind editors at Scare Street sent along to me, and I have regretted it ever since.

I didn’t put the book down.

I couldn’t, not until I saw it through to the end.

Right now, as I write this to you, I’m in my office, considering how best to tell you about the stories, about how this new batch of authors is going to help you stay up a little later than you normally do.

And that’s what we look for, isn’t it? That story that will embed itself into our minds, nestled deep into some recess until we think we’re just about asleep, and then, as we sink into darkness, the story whispers its horrors to us again.

So, are you ready to be frightened?

Ready to be scared?

Of course, you are. It’s why we’re here.

Night Terrors Volume 9 is now available on Amazon for only 99c!

Other volumes in the series:

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