Your One-Way Ticket to Hell Has Been Booked…

The unknown calls to us, promising adventure and excitement, and often luring us into disaster.

Longing for travel but needing a paycheck, I’ve taken a few jobs without much research simply because they offered staff accommodation.

Looking back, it’s surprising that I only once felt like I was stepping into a horror movie.

This resort sat alone at the top of a mountain, far beyond cell reception, with only a single road in or out. Miles of untouched wilderness stretched out in every direction and curled around the staff accommodation.

The nights were cold and so dark I could never see any of the creatures I heard scurrying outside my window.

Despite all this, I quite enjoyed my adventure. But not everyone can be so lucky.

Some of the unfortunate people in this volume include two bank robbers who think their luck has changed when they discover an abandoned cabin. A little boy who was only looking for some entertainment and stumbles upon dark secrets. An overworked teacher who ventures too far and pays the consequences. And a disillusioned couple that head to a mountain retreat only to discover that they’re not alone.

Come with us and indulge your need for exploration. It’s a lot safer than meeting all the things that are waiting for you in the dark.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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