You Never Know What Darkness Lies Behind Good Fortune

Back in my teen years, when I was first delving into true crime, I read about a woman who had a pretty bad day. Work was horrible, she missed her train, and had to wait in bad weather for a bus. Finally, she came home hours later than normal to find her place had been broken into. She found a note left by a notorious serial killer detailing how inconsiderate she had been to make him wait.

He had left to find someone more reliable.

The characters of Volume 11 are also at the mercy of luck’s indecision. In Buried Treasure, two brothers search for easy money and uncover long buried secrets. Lucky follows a man’s struggle to decide what he’s willing to inflict on others to secure his own good fortune. And in Good Money, a man’s attempt for an easy pay day costs him far more than he anticipated.

Always remember, dear reader, that good and bad luck are tightly tangled. Any time you reach for one, you might end up grabbing the other.

Other volumes in the series:

Short Horror Stories Volume 11 is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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