You Can Never Run Away From Your Demons…

When I first began writing Dylan’s story, I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea of all the twists and turns that his life would take, nor what lengths the demon would be willing to go to obtain his soul.

Like all things should, Dylan’s story unfolded organically, over the course of many late, sleepless nights.

When I first started writing Ghost Mirror, I had no idea that Dylan would still be enduring a supernatural battle, eighteen years later.

Nevertheless, it happened. In Grave Games, you’ll find Dylan to be much the same as he always was—full of determination, full of anger, and full of hope.

But now Dylan is a husband, and a father. There is far more at stake than just his own life, and it will take everything Dylan has for him to combat the dark forces that linger in the corners of his life.

I want to thank you for joining me and Dylan on this epic and emotional journey. When Dylan succeeds, I am right there, cheering in delight. When Dylan experiences terror and sadness, I am there, crying alongside him.

It brings me nothing short of joy, to know there are readers in the world, experiencing these things with us, with every turn of the page. Thank you for being a fan.

Grave games is available for purchase from Amazon today!

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