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Google has released its annual “Year in Search” report outlining the top searches of 2022 around the world. The report reveals that popular online game Wordle topped the list globally. Searches for the game peaked in February, shortly after it was acquired by The New York Times. The second most searched term of the year was “India vs England” due to the two countries facing off at the Cricket World Cup. The third most searched term was Ukraine.

Ukraine also topped the year’s list of trending news topics. Queen Elizabeth’s passing was the second most trending news topic. The third most popular news topic globally was election results.

Google's top searches

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Johnny Depp was the most searched person globally, likely due to his televised defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, who was the third most searched person of the year. Will Smith was second most searched person this year.

In terms of movies, “Thor: Love and Thunder” saw the most searches globally, while “Black Adam” and “Top Gun: Maverick” followed in second and third, respectively. “Euphoria” was the TV show with the most searches on Google. The second most searched TV show was “House of the Dragon,” with “Moon Knight” following in third place.

Tennis players took the top three spots for the most searched athletes globally. Novak Djokovic took the top spot, with Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams following in second and third, respectively.

As for the most searched questions in the United States, Google revealed that the most popular search query starting with “What is…” was “What is NATO?” The second most searched was “What is Monkeypox?” followed by “What is rsv?” As for queries starting with “Where is…” the most searched question was “Where is Hurricane Ian now?” The second most searched was “Where is the Super Bowl this year?” followed by “Where is Tonga?”

This year, Google also launched a local hub where you can enter a city ZIP code to see what people around this location searched for this year.

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