When the Sky Turns Dark, Terror Comes out to Play…

As I look back on it now, the downside of being in an anthology with my fellow Scare Street authors seems pretty obvious. I’ve lost count of the number of times I randomly blurted out into the oblivion, “Damn, now why didn’t I think of that?” (For the record—the oblivion has yet to respond. I’ll be very concerned if, or when, it does.)

Really, it’s both flattering and unfair to be put alongside Rowan and Ron. Not that we’re competitive at all…

In Volume 2 of Short Horror Stories, my tale of a horrible night-shift comes alongside Rowan’s phobia-inducing story involving water, and Ron’s story of—well—I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

So sit back, relax, give each of us a chance to thrill you. See which one of us can get your skin to crawl…

Then tell Rowan and Ron it was me.

Other volumes in the series:

Short Horror Stories Volume 2 is now available on Amazon!

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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