When Demons Rise, the Captives of Castle Vaduva Will Fall…

From the start of the Demonic Games series, I had already known that I would love these characters. I hadn’t, however, counted on the magnitude of just how devoted I would become. So, in what may be the last time I visit with them, I of course, made sure to put them through hell. Writing is a weird profession.

Captive has always been in the works since the beginning of the Demonic Games series. All of the revelations unfolded in these pages had been forged alongside the characters themselves; secrets of my own that I had to keep until the end. You can’t imagine how hard that was for me!

For context, I’m the type of person who ends up having to buy three presents for someone because I can’t wait to hand them over and always jump the gun.

It’s my fondest hope that all of my efforts weren’t in vain. That I at least managed to catch a few readers by surprise. (If you’re not one of these said readers, please remember your manners and play along.)

Even with this relief, I will always feel nostalgic to be closing off the trilogy. I’ve spent so long at Castle Vaduva that putting it aside comes with it a strange sense of leaving a home. A very twisted, dark, severally dysfunctional home, but one that had welcomed me nonetheless.

At least I know it will always be there. Waiting for me to come back, explore it once more, and wonder what exactly is wrong with me to think up the place to begin with.

Captive is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Captive by Sara ClancySee you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy and Team Scare Street

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