What Mysterious Creatures Lurk in the Shadows?

The earth loves to hold onto its secrets.

I think we can all agree that it’s awesome being on the top of the food chain. I quite enjoy it and go out of my way to avoid the animals that might knock me down a few pegs.

The problem? We don’t exactly know what’s out there. In 2019 alone, 71 new animals were discovered.

That’s 71 creatures that may have been living alongside us for millions of years, and we never knew.

What else do you think is out there?

The authors of Short Horror Story Vol. 27 have all rolled this question around in their heads and we’ve come up with a few different ideas.

In New Digs, Ron Ripley shows the dangers of being too caught up in our own dramas to see the dangers around us. Sara Clancy warns never to assume that you’re that apex predator in The Trip. And follow a man who lives his life as a T.V. protagonist—for better or worse, in Monster of the Week, by David Longhorn.

So dear reader, curl up, get comfortable, and tell yourself that you know everything that’s lurking in the shadows around you.

Just don’t always believe it.

Short Horror Stories Volume 27 is now available on Amazon.

Other volumes in the series:

See you in the shadows,

Team Scare Street

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