What if the Voice inside Your Head Isn’t Your Own?

There are so many subgenres of horror that I love, it’s hard to pick just one to focus on.

In a way, that’s why Jigsaw of Souls uses the jigsaw motif. I wanted to fracture one story into many parts, each one both dark and cool, and would explore one of the subgenres I love.

The first one, Curse of the Necromancer, deals with the undead.

The first horror movie I ever saw was Night of the Living Dead. And I’ve always had a soft spot for the zombie genre, even as it exploded and became the biggest thing in horror, and then slowly receded as people seemed to get overwhelmed by it.

I’m just a huge fan of the way so many stories try to make sense of something that defies logic—how the dead could walk.

Is it a disease? Alien influence? Technology?

For me, the coolest answer for the walking dead is good old-fashioned dark magic: Necromancy.

There’s plenty more to unravel as Vincent tries to learn the truth of who he is and what terrible thing happened to him that wiped his memories away.

I hope you enjoy the world of Vincent Donnelly and the dark forces that plague him. I want his world to be one with a lot of darkness but a lot of light as well—enough to cast a bit of it on your own.

Curse of the Necromancer is now available on Amazon, for only 99c!

See you in the Shadows,

Ian Fortey

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