What if “Divine Guidance” Was Anything but Divine?

I’ve read a thousand stories where people claimed that they’ve “received a sign”. And, upon following it, things seemed to pan out. They’d find the corpse of that poor girl who went missing decades ago. Or uncover a hidden secret. Or even escape a serial killer just in the nick of time.

I read these stories and can’t help but think: how can they be so sure who’s talking to them?

What if that lost soul wasn’t looking for a proper burial, but someone to join them in the grave?

What if that divine intervention was luring them towards the killer instead of away?

What if saving someone really meant condemning them?

Simply put—what if a demon was just messing with you?

The question has squatted in the back of my mind since childhood, and I’ve finally gotten a chance to put it into action.

The Rose siblings are utterly devoted to their father. For years, they have traveled with him, finding the people in his visions, and saving them. They should have stopped to ask exactly who wanted these people alive—and why.

It’s always fun to throw a character’s life into turmoil. But having them question everything they had ever known is a special delight.

Come along with the Rose siblings and learn just what torments await those that listen to the wrong disembodied voice.

And maybe you’ll end up questioning everything you’ve ever known too.

Hellbound (Hellbound Series Book 1) is now available on Amazon, for only 99c!

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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