What Evil Lurks behind a Doll’s Painted Smile?

One of my favorite horror subgenres is killer dolls.

Chucky is a great character, but films like Puppet Master, Dolls, and Annabelle have all really produced some fun scares and terrifying imagery as well.

And, truth be told, the fear of dolls goes back for centuries in human history.

Dolls are simply… creepy.

They stare at you and smile at you in a disturbing way, though you know it’s all in your head.

The Dollmaker’s Curse series will introduce you to a world where the sinister gleam on a doll’s eyes is not just your imagination. And for the first offering, Clown in the Dark, you will meet Krov the Clown—a murderer who hasn’t stopped killing even after his death.

So come join me, dear reader, as I take you deep into the darkness of these seemingly harmless toys…

… and the terrible things that are trapped within them.

Clown in the Dark (The Dollmaker’s Curse Series Book 1) is now available on Kindle and Audible!

Download today!

Clown in the Dark Audio

See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey

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