Welcome to Your Favorite Worst Nightmare

Everyone wants to be helpful to our fellow man. (Or, if empathy’s not really your thing, I’m sure you’ve been told once or twice that it’s something you should aim for.) For the most part, it makes us feel good to be of use.

The problem revolves around what kind of ‘use’ these people have in mind for their Good Samaritans. Some people get very creative.

The stories in this volume all look into the dangers in one way or another. In Little Girl Lost, a man finds the consequences of his good intentions might be more than he can take; The Gift explores how even helping the right person won’t save you in the end; and Parked Cars forces two women to weigh their own survival against a stranger’s.

See who makes the right choices, who gets to slip free of the wrong ones, and try to tell yourself that it’s all fake.

Because when would you ever be asked to help a stranger?

Other volumes in the series:

Short Horror Stories Volume 5 is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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