We Are All Haunted by Something from the Past

Whether it’s memories, guilt, or thoughts of what could have been if we had chosen a different path.

A recent dog-sitting gig reminded me of this. My neighbor’s dog and I were walking down a quiet wooden trail.

Without warning, he jerked to a stop, ears pricked and nose twitching. He refused to move an inch closer to a cluster of bushes that hugged the trail ahead.

As we backtracked, he never stopped glancing behind.

I live in Australia, so the odds are good that it was a snake, or any number of harmless wild animals.

Perhaps it was nothing.

But maybe he saved us from whatever was lurking just out of sight.

I’ll never know for sure.

Volume 21 of Night Terrors brings you 17 stories of people who didn’t turn back. The ones who no longer have to wonder. A child spots a monster stalking his neighborhood at night. A young dancer catches a stalker’s attention. A paranormal hunter stumbles across a child living in a haunted house. A man ventures into a place where this world and another overlap, bringing something back with him. And a girl’s wish to rid herself of unsightly scars leaves her haunted by more than just guilt.

The downside of being cautious is that you never get to know what it was you’ve avoided.

You don’t go through the thrill of the scare.

But that’s still better than finding out and never being able to tell the tale.

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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