Watch Out for the Black Eyed Children and the Third Knock!

It is an indisputable fact that any hotel or apartment complex, no matter how beautiful, has the potential to be creepy.

I offer as proof of this fact the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. Great rooms, great atmosphere, and still maintaining enough “retro glam” with everything being the perfect shade of pink.

Now, you might be thinking that pink isn’t exactly a color to make your skin crawl. And it isn’t. But long hallways that seemed to stretch out towards the horizon can be. Especially when there is no one around, and the soundproofing means that you step from the constant noise of the casino into dead silence. And there’s just something creepy about knowing that behind every door you pass, there is a lurking stranger. Granted, I have no proof that they are lurking. I just assume.

When it came time to writing the third installment of The Black Eyed Children, I couldn’t think of a better setting. Dark hallways, an unknown presence, and very few exits can all do a number on someone’s paranoia. Especially when that someone is stuck in a wheelchair. Admittedly, the idea of keeping Ruby in a wheelchair might have had more to do with me being kind of evil to my characters than anything else, but I liked how it worked out. And I hope that you do, too.

The Third Knock is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Keeping it spooky,

Sara Clancy and Team Scare Street


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