Unearth Lake Nutaq’s Sinister Secret…

As I write this letter, the snow is falling since a true Nor’easter has settled over New England. The weathermen, rarely right, are calling for upwards of 20” of the white stuff. I’m afraid that they might actually have predicted the blizzard correctly.

It’s Nor’easters and the many lakes and ponds which are scattered through New Hampshire that prompted me to write Lake Nutaq. There is a stark difference between sitting in your own home and watching the snow fall and being in a strange place, trapped by the snow.

It was that idea, of being trapped somewhere, unable to continue on, that helped to bring Lake Nutaq to life. The thought, too, that Mother Nature herself was against Shane, and the dead were moving uninhibited through the blizzard both added to the story as well. Our indominable Shane is challenged again by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is near Lake Nutaq, the water’s name coming from the Micmac word “to hear”, and that is exactly what Shane does.

He hears things.

The voices of the dead, the words they speak, the threats they make.

I hope you enjoy Shane’s challenges, his efforts to overcome all obstacles set before him, and that you’ll be as concerned for his safety as I was while I wrote it.

Once again, thank you for your support, and your enthusiasm for these stories.

Lake Nutaq is available now on Amazon!

This is the 6th installment of the Berkley Street series. For the best reading experience, please read the following in chronological order:

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Book 2: The Lighthouse
Book 3: The Town of Griswold
Book 4: Sanford Hospital
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