Ultima Genomics raises $600m for $100 genome sequencing

The urge for food for genomic knowledge continues to rise within the area of biotech and pharmaceutical analysis, however price continues to be an element — even sequencing a full genome now prices as little as $1,000. However with claims of lowering that price by one other order of magnitude to $100, Ultima Genomics might even additional speed up this economic system.

Ultima says that its sequencing machine and software program platform, the UG 100, can carry out an entire sequencing of a human genome in about 20 hours, with precision corresponding to current choices, however does so at a far decrease price per “gigabase,” which is to say per million base pairs of DNA analyzed.

The technical advances will not be totally intelligible to people who find themselves not already acquainted with how DNA is sequenced, and never being an knowledgeable myself I received’t try a full rationalization. But it surely helps to grasp that basically the DNA, amplified in a reagent (so principally a number of the identical DNA in an answer), is handed by way of small channels the place fragments bind to sure microscopic mechanisms, which put together it to be imaged by a number of base detectors working in parallel. These sequences are then reassembled into the entire genome by matching their ends collectively.

Ultima’s claimed advance is threefold. First, relatively than having the reagent journey down fluidic channels that have to be flushed afterwards in preparation for the following step, the micromachinery (“a dense array of electrostatic touchdown pads”) is etched onto a 200mm silicon wafer. This well-known course of makes use of low cost, available inventory and could be mass manufactured.

However extra importantly, it permits the reagent to be merely deposited within the middle of the wafer, which spins to distribute it evenly throughout its total floor utilizing centrifugal power. That is environment friendly, mechanically easy and permits the ensuing sequences to be learn “throughout rotation of the wafer in a steady course of, analogous to studying a compact disc.”

Diagram of the UG 100's open water process, with an image of the wafer's micropatterned surface.

Diagram of the UG 100’s open water course of, with a picture of the wafer’s micropatterned floor. Picture Credit: Ultima Genomics

The second advance is a bit more arcane, having to do with the method of getting ready and straight studying the DNA — relatively than changing the bases with extra machine-readable ones or counting on dicey particle-level imagery, a intelligent mixture of the 2 is struck. It’s much less damaging to the unique strands but additionally doesn’t require error-prone measurements like particular person photon counts.

The third advance includes machine studying to speed up the method of turning optical knowledge (the CD-style scanning sign) into usable knowledge. A deep convolutional neural community skilled on a number of genomes and fragments is tuned primarily based on a pattern from the genome being sequenced, then set to work verifying and assembling all of the tiny items of information into the entire genome. This course of speeds issues up and eliminates error.

There’s appreciable margin for enchancment on the method, primarily within the measurement and density of the wafer and its floor, resulting in improved throughput. This might push the value decrease, however for now a 90% discount is greater than sufficient to go to market with.

Founder and CEO Gilad Almogy (additionally the primary creator of many on the paper quoted above), mentioned that the corporate is presently working with early entry companions to place out some early proof of idea research exhibiting the capabilities of the sequencing method. The primary of those, collaborations with the Broad Institute, Whitehead Institute, the Baylor School of Medication and extra are being introduced quickly or presently available as preprints.

Broader industrial deployment is anticipated in 2023 (ultimate pricing is undetermined however will seemingly replicate the benefit conferred by this methodology over others). I requested Almogy what he felt have been the areas of the biotech and medical business that may profit most from this new functionality.

“We consider genomics would be the first line diagnostic throughout ailments,” he mentioned, declaring that it’s complementary to many current strategies and solely improves understanding of them.

However the far decrease price may result in genomic inhabitants research, bettering our normal understanding of systematic variance within the genome throughout totally different teams and over time. “We’re already speaking with companions who’re to do extra genomes, but additionally RNA expression and proteomics at a inhabitants scale, mentioned Almogy. That is additionally key to epigenetic research that take a look at methylation and different methods our DNA adjustments as we age.

“Deep oncology,” or utilizing genetic profiling to characterize and battle cancers, could also be one of many earliest medical purposes — and actually Isabl is means forward of him on that one. The corporate’s fast turnaround whole-genome tumor sequencing could possibly be made even faster.

Equally, single cell sequencing (e.g. a blood cell or neuron) may assist in each medical and analysis environments, however “the price of sequencing additionally prevents us from routinely utilizing single cell sequencing for purposes like immune profiling,” Almogy mentioned. Decreasing the price so significantly may change that equation.

With sequencing diminished from a billion-dollar course of to 1 you may get accomplished month-to-month in case you wished to and have it lined by insurance coverage, the biotech business appears to be on the precipice of yet one more knowledge explosion, past the dimensions of the unprecedented one we’re already within the midst of. With firms like Ultima multiplying knowledge volumes, the following alternative is more likely to be not in manufacturing however administration and utilization of this newly deepened sea of knowledge.

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