Top 10 Incredible Smells That Will blow Your Mind

I am very excited to announce, on this first day of the new decade, that we are launching our YouTube Channel today. You may recall in the past that we had a channel with a number of videos that were outsourced for production. They are not longer available and from today the channel will be exclusively videos produced by me.

The first video I decided to make was the Top 10 Incredible Smells That Will Blow Your Mind as it merges a number of things I am particularly interested in (scent, the macabre and bizarre, and science). It is also a list I wrote and it seemed appropriate that I should use my own writing as the starter script. The video diverges from the original list in many ways: new entry, changed order, re-wording. I am narrating the list, so you’ll finally all get to hear my New Zealand accent! In keeping with my usual style, there is some disturbing footage and content.

I would appreciate any feedback on the video as it is my first attempt to create a YouTube video and I have put an enormous amount of work into it—so bear that in mind when critiquing: be honest but gentle! Please also go the Listverse YouTube channel and subscribe. There will be one new video a week until my skills develop and I can produce a video more rapidly.

The narration was recorded in a professional studio and everything else was done at home by me using Final Cut Pro. I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments, either here, or on YouTube.


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