This Is Their World, We’re Just Playing in It…

As seems to be a common tradition, I used to dabble with the occult. It wasn’t anything outlandish. Just the odd Ouija board at slumber parties, a bit of voodoo doll stabbing, and trying to summon the murderous spirit of Bloody Mary to see if she’d kill me or not. You know, girly things.

Most of these nights ended with us giving up and watching some horror movies instead. Nothing remarkable but a lot of fun. Lately, I was reminiscing, and it occurred to me; while we were all giddy waiting for something to happen, not one of us had an exit strategy. There we were, trying to master the dark arts, and we never gave any thought about what we would do if it worked.

In this volume of Night Terrors, we delve into all those grizzly and ghastly consequences my friends and I were fortunately spared. A child’s pastime draws the interest of sinister creatures. Friends searching for a fun night are stalked from below. A demonic entity uses a vulnerable woman’s lifelong joy to gain her trust. And a peace offering might turn out to be something far darker.

We’re all a little curious to explore what could be sharing this world with us, but it’s probably best to let us do it for you. Or else, make sure that you have a very good exit strategy—just in case.

Night Terrors Volume 12 is now available on Amazon, priced at 99c for a limited time only!

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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