The Unknown Is Where the Horror Begins

Once, when I was in a glorious bookstore that was so full of paperbacks it was a fire hazard, I was absorbed in finding my next good read. I wandered aimlessly, barely aware of the man at the end of the row.

No matter what aisle I happened down, he was always there. Always backlit by the sunlight. Always between me and the only exit.

I was engrossed in a blurb when I heard the soft creak of a floorboard.

I turned and there he was.

Only a few inches separated us. We stared at each other for I don’t know how long before he silently turned and left.

I never did figure out what, if anything, he had wanted. It still makes me wander sometimes; what else have I missed while lost in my books?

In this volume, we offer you stories of murder, mayhem, betrayal, and revenge. Everything one needs to leave the world—and all its weirdness—behind for a few hours. A man fights to escape hell, but there’s a cost to be paid. A woman finds herself at the mercy of her past. And a scientist becomes entangled in the hunt for missing children.

Books can draw you into the unknown. Just remember to always keep an eye out for the things that might be creeping up behind.

Terror in the Shadows Volume 15 is now available on Amazon, priced at 99c for a limited time only!

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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