The Things We Fear Don’t Always Hide In the Shadows…

We rely on our senses to understand the world. So, what do we do when they fail?

I’m near-sighted. Without my glasses, everything is a jumbled mess of colorful splotches. I can dismiss it as mildly irritating until a moment comes along that forces me to remember just how vulnerable I am.

I used to go to a 24-hour gym. I always had the place to myself. I’d stash my glasses in my locker, put in my earbuds, and spend the hour blissfully alone.

That one time, I was heading back to the changing rooms, when something caught my attention. I turned off my music and stood there for a moment, listening, peering into the blur of mirrors and machines. I nearly yelped when something moved.

That “something” was a huge guy. A bodybuilder. I had been staring right at him, but without my glasses on, had totally missed him. And if he had stayed still, I never would have known he was there.

It made me wonder what else slips by me… unnoticed.

Horrors don’t hide in this volume of Night Terrors. A family’s desire to see the sights during a trip takes them to a place where the living shouldn’t go. An innocent game night with friends unleashes a nightmare. And a search for treasure reveals things best left alone.

The things we should fear don’t always lurk in the shadows. Sometimes they’re standing right beside us.

And we never even notice.

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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