The Shadows Come A-Knockin’. Will You Let Them In?

Monsters can look like anything. So, if they show up on your doorstep and you let them in, you can never be sure what you’ve welcomed inside.

Bloody Mary is one of my favorite urban legends. Slumber parties just aren’t complete until you’ve tried to summon a homicidal ghost in a bathroom mirror. But what really enthralled me about Bloody Mary was that none of my friends had heard the exact same story. There was always something different.

It was like she was evolving to people’s attempts to save themselves.

Changing and adapting.

Transforming herself from a humble murderous spirit into an unstoppable force.

Now I know that it’s just the nature of urban legends.

But my childhood brain took it as a warning. Never taunt a monster.

Because once you have its attention, it’ll always find a way to get to you.

In Volume 19 of Terror in the Shadows, we explore monsters of all shapes and sizes. A strange book can bless those that read it or drive them into madness. Siblings befriend a living scarecrow, not knowing it is in search of more than companionship. A child returns twenty years after her disappearance, having not aged a day.

So, the next time you hear a knock on your door, think twice before opening it…

It might be the monster who’s finally found its way to get to you.

Terror in the Shadows Volume 19 is now available on Amazon, priced at 99c for a limited time only!

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See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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