The Paupers’ Crypt (Moving In Book 5) Release!

The Paupers' CryptCemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds have always fascinated me.

The stories of the people who are buried there call out to me, and they spark my imagination. None of them frighten me, though, like the way the crypts do.

In some cemeteries there are paupers’ sections. Places where the destitute and the poor were buried beneath round, stone markers the size of baseballs.

Yet before this practice began, the poor were buried in crypts. Great, massive, communal plots set within small hills. Huge doors, fashioned of iron and set within frames of stone. I see them and I wonder what’s truly beyond those doors. Is it simply the bodies of the poor, or something more sinister?

Something so evil it had to be bound in darkness and sealed in with iron?

This is what I think of when I see those crypts, and it was those thoughts which have spurred me to write: The Paupers’ Crypt.

I hope you’ll come along with me for this journey into the darkness.

The Paupers’ Crypt is available for pre-order and will be LIVE on amazon starting July 3rd, 2016!

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