The old man who sits in front of me

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

There is an old man who always sits in front of me in the train when I return home from work.
For some reason, he looks at me and grins.

He does this everyday and it has started creeping me out. So, one day I asked my co-worker to go home together with me. We both boarded the train together.

But even then, the old man looked and grinned at me. I got really creeped out by him, so when
we (my friend and I) both got off the train, I asked him, “Wasn’t that old man creepy?”

My friend replied back with this.

“The old man who was looking at you?”
“Actually, that person was not looking at you. He was looking and grinning at the ghost behind you.”

I think it was just a poor joke by my friend, but I get a bad feeling for some reason.


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