The old-man who lived in mountains

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


There was a old-man who got so fed up with the humanity that he started living deep in the mountains.

The old-man had a grand-child called Jesse who would write him letters everyday to ease his mind.

Jesse continued to send him letters everyday. It went on for months until one day when the old-man didn’t receive any letter. He kept on waiting but no letter came even after a week. The old-man was worried now.

He left the mountains and headed to the city to find about his grand-child. When he reached the grand-child’s house, he came to know that his grandchild had been murdered by someone.

This saddened him; tears rolled out of his eyes. He vowed to catch the murderer.

“No, I think I already know…Only that guy could be the murderer…”

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