The muzzle of Walter’s Rifle burns with insatiable desire…

Did you ever see an antique that you knew was wrong? Perhaps it was a piece of carnival glass or a railway lamp. A rare book, or a toy you once had as a child.

Part of you wants it.

No, that’s not quite right, is it?

Part of you needs it. And it’s that need, that uncontrollable desire to make that particular item yours is what makes you hesitate. Because you know, deep down in the bottom of your gut, that there’s something in that piece you’re longing for, a darkness, some terrible creature who’s calling out your name. And once you realize what’s going on, you walk away.

Hell, what am I saying? We run away, and we leave that cursed item right where it is and count our blessings that we did so.

But people like the Korzhs, they can’t step away, and neither can their son, Stefan.

He’s relentless and he’s going to have hell to pay from Victor. Victor, whose whole world was shattered by Stefan’s insane compulsion, and who is now as determined and focused as the man who caused him so much pain.

But while Stefan seeks to watch the world of the collectors burn, Victor only wants retribution for one hideous crime. He’s the proverbial blood-hound, nose to the ground, seeking to ferret out Stefan. Victor will do what needs to be done, and he’ll overcome anything thrown at him.

And believe me when I tell you, there’s a lot coming his and Jeremy’s way. It starts now, with the ghost in Walter’s rifle, a dead man who’s bad news, but then again, so is Jeremy’s friend from New Hampshire.

Come on now, you know the team, you know the score. Let’s see how well they do, and what it might cost them in the end.

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Walters Rifle CoverKeep it spooky,

Ron Ripley and Team Scare Street

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