The Most Terrifying Human Experiments

Throughout history, governments and scientists the world over have carried out covert experiments on humans. Treating the body as their own private laboratory, little care was given to ethical dilemmas, and the will to play god ran supreme. With time, the details of these heinous experiences have come to light, and their inhumanity is the stuff of nightmares. It’s hard to believe that the following are actual occurrences, and not the creation of a fictitious, twisted mind!

1. UNIT 731

Lieutenant General Ishii ShiroUnit 731 was a covert research corps part of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II from 1937 to 1945, led by Lieutenant General Ishii Shiro, who was also a doctor. They specialized in biological and chemical warfare research, and did so by carrying out experiments on prisoners of war, as well as Chinese and Russian civilians.

Even though the whole purpose of Unit 731 was to research preventative measures in order to contain the mortality rate during war, this didn’t last for long, and the experiments soon got out of hand.

The unit was intricate and had several divisions, ranging from experimentation with diseases such as Cholera, the Bubonic Plague, Typhoid, and Anthrax, amongst others. They also experimented the effects of injecting their victims with seawater and animal blood. As one can imagine, the results were not pretty, to say the least!

There were a number of truly terrible atrocities carried out during this time, one of which was vivisection. This was performed without anesthesia, reflecting an open disregard for the victims. They would do this apparently in the name of research, and continuously abused the same body until it was of no use, after which they would dispose of it by burning and throwing it away. You can find testimonies with more detail about these experiments online, but be cautious as they are extremely graphic and certainly disturbing.

The scientists went as far as to experiment on pregnant women and small children, exposing and injecting them with a variety of diseases. They would expose their prisoners to either extreme heat or extreme cold in order to see what the outcome would be. And it goes without saying there was an astounding number of sexual assaults and rape involved.

Possibly one of the most disturbing facilities of this unit was the special experiments chamber. There the extremities of the human body were tested, in an attempt to observe how far they could be pushed before reaching death. These extremities were exposed to a lethal amount of x-rays, to see how much pressure it would take to push the eyeballs out of their sockets, for example, and how long before the victim died under these conditions.

In order to see the effects of dismemberment, they would cut off the limbs of some prisoners to gauge how long they would bleed out and what the subsequent effects would be. They would also remove a limb from one prisoner and try to attach it to another to measure its effectiveness. Bear in mind, that, as previously mentioned, anesthesia was never used.

What is especially terrifying about the experiments conducted within Unit 731 is the scale of it all. The compound was over 2 square miles and housed over 150 buildings housing approximately 400 prisoners. Beside the tests mentioned above, Ishii carried out other chemical experiments on a grander scale, poisoning large numbers of Chinese civilians. All in the name of “research!”



Lauretta Bender was a child psychiatrist, and was known to have conducted a number of electroshock therapy sessions on children between 1942 -1969. She took it upon herself to diagnose many children with schizophrenia, and upon doing so, felt that the best way to treat them was through electrocution.

She performed the electrocution sessions several times on one child, some as young as 3 years old. Apparently, she gave the children LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs, claiming that it helped to calm them down. She spent a total of 27 years electrocuting children, and it has been said that she felt no remorse for the pain she was causing them. It is believed that a total of over 300 children have suffered at the hands of Lauretta Bender’s twisted mind and electric torture. All in the name of “science.”



Fearful boy with his hands upDuring World War II, a Nazi Doctor by the name of Josef Mengele, would later become notorious as the man who had a disturbing obsession with twins, and for the unspeakable things he did to them at Auschwitz.

Mengele was a handsome and calm man, but the number of deaths and the magnitude of torture under his belt is beyond belief. He was intrigued with twins in particular, and spent many years conducting horrible experiments on them throughout his time at Auschwitz. He took an interest in twins because he had studied genetics, and believed that twins may have held many secrets in regards to superior genes. He wanted to make a name for himself with a possible breakthrough.

When prisoners arrived at the camp, they would start off at the Ramp. This is where distribution and selection of the prisoners would take place – the prisoners sent to the left would be destined for death, while the ones sent to the right would live. Mengele took it upon himself to ensure that he was the one making decisions at the ramp, because he wanted to have as many twins as possible to carry out his research.

To conduct his tests on the twins, one of the things he would do was draw blood. And often, as he did so, would leave the twins to bleed to death. He would inject chloroform into their hearts and wait for them to die in order to start dissecting them; his preferred method of studying their internal organs.

He even ordered a pair of twins to be conjoined in an attempt to create Siamese twins, and he sat and watched as they were being sewn together. The Nazis believed that the superior human had to have blue eyes, so Mengele went as far as to inject chemicals into the twins’ eyes in an attempt to change their color. He always ensured the twins were killed after he completed his experiments so that he could perform autopsies on them. Josef was known as the Angel of Death and was responsible for the torture and death of hundreds of Jews who were at the camp, although he was even more well known for his obsession with twins.



Man amidst smoke and gasHow far will governments and scientists go in the name of research and science? As is revealed in these accounts, sometimes the limits are so blurred that we tend to cross the lines of morality and even sanity. Let us hope that with the passage of time, and the advancements in technology, that such madness takes a back seat to the necessity towards acquiring knowledge! Well, we can only hope…

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