The First Church (Moving In Book 4) Release!

The First ChurchThere are terrible things out there in the world. Horrific items which are linked to unspeakable crimes and the terrifyingly base nature of humanity. You’ve seen some of these in Sherman’s Library, and there are more out there. Many, many more.

And where can we seek refuge from these items? Where can we be free of fear and terror? Where can we expect to be safe from violence?

Why in our places of worship, of course.

But what if they find us there? Worse still, what if the violence is brought there? Can you imagine, being in your safe place, being in a church and learning that the horror of the past has come to wreak its vengeance upon the unsuspecting?

I can, and I do. I’ve driven by many of New England’s Congregationalist churches and I’ve often wondered what would happen if one was haunted.

I hope you’ll come with me to Rye, New Hampshire, and find out what happens when a church is no longer safe from the dead.

The First Church is will be released on May 28 and is available for pre-order now!

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