The Final Nightmare Has Begun… Can Humanity Still Be Saved?

We live in jittery, paranoid times. How vulnerable are we? How much pressure does it take to make society break down? And what if that pressure came not from other humans, but from inhuman creatures determined to wreck civilization?

In Nightmare Spawn, human children were replaced by Interlopers, whose abilities made them perfect for adoption. But adoption by whom? And why?

In this new book, we see what the monstrous plan is, and find out how far it reaches. The Interloper end-game begins.

Nightmare Rising sees a motley band of heroes struggling to save the world from the Interlopers. Unfortunately for the good guys, a third force intervenes, making it harder for Denny, Frankie and their allies to save anything, even themselves.

For the best reading experience, enjoy the Nightmare series in the following order:

  1. Nightmare Abbey
  2. Nightmare Valley
  3. Nightmare Revelation
  4. Nightmare Resurrection
  5. Nightmare Spawn
  6. Nightmare Rising

Nightmare Rising is now available for purchase on Amazon!

See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn

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