The Dunewalkers (Moving In Book 2) Release!

The Dunewalkers

The Dunewalkers CoverWhat do you see when you look out at a beautiful beach? What do you feel? Do you see sand and water, seagulls and gentle waves? Do you feel at peace and relaxed?

Not me. I’m terrified. I see undertows and sharks. I feel the dead gripping my ankles and dragging me under the waves. I look at the tall grass on the dunes and I wonder what is waiting there for me. What will slip out as the sun sinks and dusk steals over the land? What horrific thing is waiting for me in the dunes, waiting for me to be alone?

I don’t go to the beach, and not just because I’m afraid of sharks. I don’t go to the beach because I’m afraid of the dunes. I’m afraid of what’s walking there, and once you read my newest book you will be afraid too.

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