The Devil Ship Haunts the High Seas…

Pirates! Even when I was young and disco was new, pirates were definitely part of history. A loud, blood-stained, fascinating part.

I loved pirate stories as much as I loved ghost stories, and naturally I longed for a story about—you guessed it—ghost pirates.

Even now, so many years later, there just aren’t enough ghostly pirates about, so I decided to create one. The only correct location for pirates, undead or otherwise, is the Caribbean, and of course all pirates need an island base, so I invented one called Sainte Isabel. The island is a lovely place, if you like sun-kissed sandy beaches, lush tropical jungle, quaint old harbors, and regular disappearances.

What next? A mystery, a curse, a Spooky Thing that happens only on nights of the full moon. What possible sequence of events could bring four modern Americans looking to relocate to a tropical paradise into conflict with a ruthless pirate captain who was, in theory, toast in the 17th century but is in fact still in business? Wait and see.

And keep a lookout for the Devil Ship…

Devil Ship is now available on Amazon.

See you in the shadows,

David Longhorn

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