The Dead Know What Your Biggest Fears Are…

I’m often asked what I’m afraid of.

The easy answer? Everything. Yes, to be completely honest, I’m afraid of everything.

These four stories you’re about to read are a testimony to this fear which plagues me. Boylan House, Blood Contract, Hungry Ghosts, and Sherman’s Collection are four very different tales.

While they vary in the way they approach the subject matter, they’re the same in one regard, they’re all aspects of things I’m afraid of.

Each one of them represents a different facet of fear for me. In Boylan House, you get to see where my love of old houses comes from.

Blood Contract, that delves a little deeper. A little darker, if you will. This explores some of my innate fears regarding monsters and the fairy folk. While this particular book drifts away from my normal ghost stories, don’t worry, there are still ghosts aplenty in it.

Speaking of ghosts, let’s get to Hungry Ghosts, which was inspired not only by some Chinese folklore I was reading at the time but the cemetery I grew up next to. Yes, that’s right, grew up next to. Explains a bit, right?

Finally, we have Sherman’s Collection, which is one of my favorites. I’m afraid of haunted items, and I’ve always imagined what a room full of them might be like. If you have too, go no further.

I hope you enjoy these stories. I scared the hell out of myself writing them.

Ghost Stories from Hell is now available on Amazon.

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