The Darkness Knows What Scares You…

Have you ever entered a building and been terrified?

You don’t know how you know, but you’re positive, absolutely, and undeniably certain, that each room holds some fresh horror. Each room houses a nightmare you didn’t know could exist, a terror waiting to whisper in your ear, and to place a cold hand on the back of your neck, guiding you deeper into the darkness.

That’s what we have here.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with these stories. They’re dark, and, well, you and I, we know dark, don’t we? The two of us read horror stories, seeking out those rare gems that go beyond gore, travel further into the subconscious than horror. We’re looking for those stories that are going to sink barbed terror into our thoughts, burying the prongs so deeply in our minds that we’ll wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, not knowing in the same breath what it was that has us so afraid to go back to sleep.

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready to sit down and be frightened?

I wasn’t.

I picked up volume four earlier today, my hands trembling as my subconscious whispered warnings about what I was going to find within.

It was right, and the stories were…well, you’ll see in a little while, won’t you? Of course, you will. You’ll sit down and let these stories wash over you.

Because you’re here to be frightened, just like I am.

Night Terrors Volume 4 is now available on Amazon for only 99c!

Other volumes in the series:

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