The Carnival Always Finds a Way…

The first time my parents took me to a carnival, I was seven years old. I remember it well, because it freaked me out. The joyous screams were haunting, the people running the booths stared a little too hard, and the one man attractions seemed like a way to lure children away from their parents to where they could never return.

But the one thing that had scared me the most was the carousel. The carnival music, the frozen horses going up and down, and the way it kept spinning round and round made me feel that I would be stuck in it for eternity. I had nightmares about that for days, much to the confusion of my parents.

‘Blood Carousel’ is my way of dealing with that fear. It’s the idea that if I could materialize it somehow in a book, it would go away. And I really hope it works, because I still have nightmares about carnival music, and eyes in the darkness, and men on stilts with funky hats and smiles that are a little too wide.

And lastly, of carousels. Going round. And round. And round. Forever.









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Keeping it spooky,
A.I. Nasser and Team Scare Street


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