The Burning Girl’s Horrifying Flames Devour Everything in Sight

Well, here we are, book five.

What do you think of Victor, and his young ward, Tom? I hope you understand where they’re both coming from, and the darkness that lurks within their hearts.

They’ve suffered. No doubt about that. Loved ones stripped from their lives by the machinations of Stefan Korzh, a man who seems to elude death even as he deals in the same.

And what of Bontoc and Ariana? The hired killer and the loyal daughter, the flip side to the Victor and Tom coin. All four of them seek the same end-result – the destruction of Stefan Korzh.

Oh, but Stefan is a force to be reckoned with. His spite and malice and rage seem to be boundless, and even as he is hunted, he is still sending death out into the world.

You’ll meet death here as well. A young woman by the name of Molly. She likes to light objects on fire and demands devotion.

I hope you’ll stick around and visit Victor, Tom, and everyone else for a little bit.

Come on in and meet Molly.

But hide your matches, put away your lighter, and make sure the girl’s in a good mood.

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The Burning Girl by Ron RipleyKeeping it Spooky!

Ron Ripley

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