The Blood of Angels darken the shores of beautiful Weyrmouth…

Several ingredients come together in the Second Weyrmouth book. The first is the idea of the message delivered by unusual means, in this case via a rather dusty museum attraction. I like museums, dusty or otherwise – they give me a sense of the past not as something dead, but as something living and just barely separated from the present by the mysterious veil we call ‘time.’ The idea of jumping back in time to witness the past unfolding is a lifelong fascination, and one I put to good use in the book – I hope.

Then there are the nasty child-ghosts from the First Book. Predictably enough, they’re still up to their tricks, but they have sort of a decent motive this time. Unfortunately, as is the way with children, they do tend to be over-literal and take things to extremes. I’m writing this on the morning of October 31st – tonight is Halloween. Child-sized ghosts will swarm through the chill autumn night, and as I watch them go by, I will try to pick out which ones are obviously just kids dressed up, and which ones might not be.

Blood of Angels is available for purchase from Amazon today!

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