Take Another Trip Into the Shadows…

The way I see it, short stories are the primordial soup from which all storytelling emerged.

You can’t convince me that cavemen didn’t start exaggerating (or bragging about) the events of their day the second they developed a means to communicate. With time our ancestors managed to claw their way out of the hunter/gather lifestyle and were rewarded with more relaxation time and less exhaustion. Or at the very least, I assume they were able to stay awake for a few extra hours at the end of the day. So, naturally, stories grew longer to meet the demand but, unlike some genres I won’t throw shade at, horror never snubbed its roots.

It still thrives around campfires, wiggled its way into old fairytales, created a whole sub-genre (shout out to urban legends), and generally made cramming ‘just one more story’ into my lunch break far more reasonable for my co-workers. By my reasoning, short horror stories are one of the most ancient forms of entertainment; so, let’s keep the tradition rolling!

In this volume, we offer territorial ghosts, invisible monsters preying upon the sick, killer forests, a tale of terror from beyond the stars, and more. Whatever you need to put a bit of variety into your nightmares, we’ve got you covered.

So, settle down with us and do your ancestors proud, by remembering just why you should be afraid of the dark.

Terror in the Shadows Volume 8 is now available on Amazon, priced at 99c for a limited time only!

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See you in the Shadows,

Sara Clancy

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