Subject B’s Terrifying Ordeal Continues and This Time, He May Have Met His Match…

What do you think of the Village thus far?

Are you impressed with the Professor’s collection?

I’m curious to know, how do you think you would fare among Professor Worthe’s buildings? Do you think that you could survive among all his ghosts?

I don’t think I would. There is a level of discipline, intelligence, and determination required to survive in such a horrific place. I don’t think I have it, and I wonder, sometimes, if our heroes have as much of it as we think they do.

You see, this is the real dilemma that faces me, this and the realization that I cannot make their choices for them. Marcus and Alex have as much free will as you and I do. Once I begin to write, you see, the characters speak and act on their own.

The fact that Marcus, or even young Alex, might not survive an encounter shakes me to my core. And it is a possibility you and I need to accept—one we need to emotionally prepare for.

And that’s because the Village, as we all know, is not only a dangerous place, but it’s getting worse every new addition.

Dr. Worthe’s buildings are horrific, and another structure is on its way even as you read this.

This new building is a rough, little place where a dark resident lurks. The ghost, I confess, is a sadist, one who revels in the agony of others.

This particular ghost is not only unpleasant, it comes from a bit of horror in my own past.

It’s time now, don’t you think, to see our friends again; to watch and suffer with Marcus and Alex as they meet the newest ghost?

Of course, it is. And for good or ill, we’ll see how our friends survive the encounter.

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