Step Into a World of Dark Dreams and Nightmares

I’m afraid of the dark.

Everything looms larger, takes on a sinister appearance. Nothing is as it seems, and my childhood fears threaten to drown me.

I remember, vividly, lying on my back on the top bunk that I shared with my brother. The ceiling was close, but in the dull illumination of the streetlamps that seeped into our bedroom, the ceiling was not close enough.

Immobilized, trapped beneath my blankets, I watched the ceiling pull away. The room grew exponentially, and yet I remained the same size.

Only now, as an adult, do I understand that I experienced night terrors, paralyzing fears that told me I was and was not awake.

That’s what Scare Street has brought to us—to you and to me. You and I can sit down together and sink into that paralyzing fear.

In this second volume, we can plumb the depths of our own fears, and while these stories remind me of my own childhood terrors, there is one small, important difference.

I’m awake.

I can put the book down, stand up, stretch, and walk away for a moment.

But I won’t, and I don’t think you will either. The two of us, we’ll sit and allow ourselves to be paralyzed with fear, unwilling to move, terrified that if we do so, the story we’re reading might not be a story.

It might just be something true and terrible waiting for us in the darkness.

Night Terrors Volume 2 is now available on Amazon for only 99c!

And in case you missed it, you may download your copy of Night Terrors Volume 1 here.

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