Spirits Whisper Their Pleas to Be Saved…

Ghosts! Demons! Fluffy little kittens!

One of those is not scary. I leave it to you to determine which, dear reader.

Meanwhile, let me tell you about haunted houses. Every town has at least one.

In England, they are everywhere. It is rare to find a large building that has stood for more than a generation without its ghost. Usually, they are harmless enough. Many hotels and pubs advertise their resident ghost.

But sometimes, ghosts are less than benign.

For the second of the six books in the Mortlake series, I decided to expand a little on the background of my tweed-wearing, lecture-giving hero, and drop a few hints at the Big Picture.

But most of what happens concerns Haslam House, a place where a spiritualist took her own life after being accused of fraud during a séance. As you will see, this haunting is not a simple one, and it concerns some far older and more dangerous than a tragic Victorian medium.

Oh, and Opal the kitten is in the book, too, providing a bit of light relief. But even that innocent kitten encounters something.

Something small, furry animals were not meant to know about…

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