Sometimes, a Little Paranoia Is Good…

If we’re lucky, we’ll live our whole lives blissfully unaware of how close we’ve come to the worst things in this world.

I’m kind of known for getting a little paranoid from time to time, but who can blame me? I spend the vast majority of my days thinking up creative ways to make sure my readers are always looking over their shoulders.

It’s only natural that I wonder how many others are thinking the exact same things for far less innocent reasons.

How many times was ignoring a bump in the night, or deciding that you don’t have the time to help that stranger, or simply picking a different way home was the smartest decision you ever made?

Where would you be now if just one of those choices had been wrong? What would you have found waiting for you there? And would you have gotten out alive?

It’s so tempting to try your luck. To take just one little peek into the dark.

But why put yourself in danger when you have our characters to do it for you?

In this volume, the unlucky are lured to the places where monsters lurk and childhood fears come to life. Uncover secrets and indulge in deadly obsessions. And you can follow them—all from the supposed safety of your couch.

Just keep in mind that it’s only paranoia…

…until you’re proven right.

Night Terrors Volume 11 is now available on Amazon!

Other volumes in the series:

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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