Shane Ryan Is About to Face His Deadliest Enemy Yet…

How does it feel to be riding with Shane again?

Are you enjoying his company?

I know I am.

Shane is a hard man prepared to do a hard job.

This story is no different than the others. Not in that sense.

There’s something wrong in Plainfield, Connecticut, and Shane’s taken a little trip to see how bad it is.

I’d like to tell you that I don’t sit down with Shane and discuss his plans, but that wouldn’t be exactly truthful. No, Shane isn’t real in the sense that you or I could sit down and have a meal with him.

When it’s time to write about him, to relay his actions and his intentions, it is real. He and I have a little chat about what he’s going to do, and what he’s not going to do. I picture him in a chair in the backyard, looking over the pond of 125 Berkley Street. He’s smoking a Lucky Strike, and he’s frowning as he drinks a little water. I imagine myself sitting next to him, drinking a cup of coffee as we’re discussing how best to approach the cruel man prowling the streets of Plainfield.

We come to an agreement, of course, and I leave him where he is.

It’s time for me to write because you’re waiting, and so am I.

Come on, it’s time to see just how bad the situation is, and what Shane’s going to do about it.

Thorne’s Tome is now available on Amazon.

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