Sanford Hospital (Berkley Series Book 4) Release!

I don’t know if you have figured this out or not, but I see terrible, frightening things everywhere I look. That old school house? Terrifying. How about the abandoned corner market? Horrors leap to mind.

It shouldn’t be any surprise, then, that when I saw an old and esteemed college, in New Hampshire, that I should wonder what ghosts might be lurking in there. These thoughts were quickly followed by the idea that the building wasn’t a college.

No, it was a hospital.

An old soldier’s home, a place for the wounded to recover, or to die. And what horrors would lurk in a hospital over a hundred years old? Would there have been some caregiver who had gone mad with power?

By the time I reached my house, I had the idea for another story. Another tale for Shane, weathered and worn, bruised and battered. Shane, who, it seems, hasn’t quite suffered enough.

I hope you’ll come along for this ride to Sanford Hospital. I hope you’ll stay a bit, get to know the staff, and meet a few of the patients.

You’ll be glad that you’ll never need treatment at Sanford.

Sanford Hospital is available now!Sanford Hospital Cover

It’s the 4th installment of the Berkley Street Series so make sure you’ve read the following first:
Book 1: Berkley Street
Book 2: The Lighthouse
Book 3: The Town of Griswold

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