10 More Unusual Trees

A list was published last year titled, “Top 10 Unusual Trees” and although it was a great list, I thought there were some truly bizarre trees that could have been included. That is why I decided to forge this list detailing 10 more unusual/bizarre trees from around the world. Enjoy. Location: Namibia The Bottle tree… Continue reading 10 More Unusual Trees

Top 10 Best Internal Combustion Stories

Nothing else compares to the terrifying idea that the human body can burn itself without external causes. This phenomenon is known as spontaneous human combustion. Spontaneous human combustion is when a human body supposedly catches fire due to heat created by internal chemical activity but without proof of an external ignition source. The scientific community… Continue reading Top 10 Best Internal Combustion Stories

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Pop Culture Archives – Listverse

Who’s Behind Listverse? Jamie Frater Head Editor Jamie founded Listverse due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts. He has been a guest speaker on numerous national radio and television stations and is a five time published author. More About Us

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Top 10 Sinister Facts About Cyber Warfare

Until recently, international conflict was fought on the ground, in the sky, and across the seas. But now, warfare has found a new battleground: cyber space. The virtual world is becoming increasingly weaponized. In the online arena, assailants can deploy malware, paralyze digital systems, and steal sensitive information from behind a computer screen. The techniques… Continue reading Top 10 Sinister Facts About Cyber Warfare

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10 Bizarre eBay Auctions

eBay is one of the most famous e-commerce sites. E-commerce is short for Electronic Commerce. Just as the name implies, it is a market in which transactions are made electronically. You can buy anything from food to vehicles with just a couple of clicks. Thousands of transactions are made every day, most of them are… Continue reading 10 Bizarre eBay Auctions

Top 10 Ways Society Today Is Like Pre-War Nazi Germany

Whenever a politician says or does something the other side doesn’t like, they are often compared to Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist party. Many online discussions will eventually result in people who lack the cognitive facilities to rationally form an argument calling their debating opponent a Nazi and some countries are even passing laws… Continue reading Top 10 Ways Society Today Is Like Pre-War Nazi Germany

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Top 10 Ways Glasses Will Help in a Zombie Attack

I once had a naive childlike notion that the probability of a zombie outbreak was minuscule, even impossible. As time goes by (and scientists continue to develop super viruses just-cos-they-can), the likelihood of this potential global disaster seems more and more possible; unlikely perhaps, but still possible. Literature and film have taught us that chances… Continue reading Top 10 Ways Glasses Will Help in a Zombie Attack

Horrifying Witch Hunts

The concepts of witches, warlocks, and wizards often conjure up images of the Salem witch hunts and the European inquisitions and witch burnings.  As with many things in history there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these ideas.  Here we are looking at one particular myth. The myth: Most people tried for witchcraft were burnt… Continue reading Horrifying Witch Hunts

Top 10 Real Magicians

Magic has long fascinated mankind. Human beings are both perplexed and drawn in by that which they cannot understand or comprehend. While the world, and the television, appears to be full of magicians these days they are not all accurate or respectable representations of magic. Anyone can claim to be a magician. In reality, but… Continue reading Top 10 Real Magicians