Only the Gatekeeper can Save his Soul…

When I added the last punctuation mark to Ghost Mirror, I admittedly had no idea what would happen to Dylan next. Part of me felt terrible for all that he had been through, but the larger part of me knew that his story was only just beginning.

The plot unfolded to me one rainy afternoon, while I watched my favorite movie, The Exorcist. As Captain Howdy slowly begins to possess Regan, I found myself wondering about the inner most desires of demons. What is their primary motivation for inhabiting humans? And on what plane do they exist in those moments when they aren’t tormenting people?

These questions swam in my mind as I wrote Gatekeeper. I can’t claim to know the real answers to these questions, but it was fun to come up with theories all the same. Regardless of your opinions and beliefs, I hope you enjoy this continuation of Dylan’s journey. He is going to need all the support he can possibly get.

Gatekeeper is available for purchase from Amazon today!

Gatekeeper by Chelsey DagnerSee you in the shadows,

Chelsey Dagner and Team Scare Street

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