Only a Few Things Are More Terrifying than a Wish

There are so many fantastic tales of genies and wish-granting, and often they are just that—fantastic.

We all like to think we’d make good, responsible wishes. But it’s scary to think about the people who wouldn’t.

And nobody really talks about what genies take in exchange. We’ve all been led to believe wishes are given away at no cost.

In this book, Vincent meets his most terrifying foe yet in the form of Razul—a cunning djinn with near endless power who is also hidden in his body.

While witches and necromancers have human needs and desires, what does a djinn have? What can it possibly want?

Samuel Beckett, the cult leader, is along for the ride here. Is he really the evil mastermind in that ill-fated ritual? Or is he the biggest victim of all?

And as the story continues, we’ll find Vincent becoming more and more powerful. But at what cost? Will it be all worth it?

Join me as we discover the answers to all these questions and more.

But don’t wish for Vincent’s suffering to end just yet.

You never know what will be taken from you in return.

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See you in the shadows,

Ian Fortey

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