Not Only Wild Animals Can Be Found in Caves

The original Bell Witch of Tennessee has been said to have done things that are a little, well… unconventional.

A favorite of mine is how, after raining down horrors and ‘living’ in relative comfort in a nice house, she abruptly decided to relocate to a cave in the wilderness.

Why? No one knows.

The Witch simply set up shop in this cave (located on the Bell property) and there her spirit has remained to this day.

But other than the Bell Witch, this book was also inspired by another deceased woman: The Crystal Maiden of Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave.

In 1989, archaeologists came upon an air-filled chamber while exploring a cave system in Belize. What they found shook them to their core.

Positioned upon the small sandy shore inside the central chamber were several skeletons dating back to 700 AD.

Cranial injuries consistent with blunt force trauma revealed that these people died brutal deaths… the remains of ancient Mayan sacrifices to appease the rain god.

But what really stood out to the archaeologists were the calcified remains of an 18-year-old teenage girl whose skeleton was covered with calcite crystals, giving it a sugary, crystalline appearance.

In other words, she sparkled.

I have found few tales that have been equal parts sad, creepy, and morbidly beautiful as the Crystal Maiden of Belize. Things like this simply stick with you.

And from them, stories grow.

The Witch Cave (The Bell Witch Series Book 3) is now available on Amazon.

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