Nightfall Is the Prime Time for Terror…

So, here we are.

The two of us, waiting, eager to read what the editors of Scare Street have gathered up next.

We won’t be disappointed.

I know because, well, I’ve already seen this third volume. Yes, I know. It’s a bit like sneaking a look at a gift when I wasn’t supposed to.

But I couldn’t resist.

Could you—if you had the chance to peek in? To see what sort of horrors await us?

Of course not.

We know what to expect. We’ve been spoiled. Hundreds of submissions come in for each volume. And it’s the task of the editors to pick out the finest of those stories. Those tales that are going to pin us to our seats, leave our hearts pounding and our blood racing through our veins.

Will you be like me, after you read these stories? Will you get to your feet, trembling, and turn on the lights? Perhaps you’ll turn on the television, just to hear a human voice. Maybe, you’ll go into each room and check the closets, glance under the beds, and double-check the locks.

I did.

People laugh at the salt I keep on my desk. The iron nail in the desk drawer.

They don’t know fear, not like we do.

So, are you ready?

Take a deep breath, pour yourself a drink, get a snack, and sit down.

It’s time to be afraid.

Night Terrors Volume 3 is now available on Amazon for only 99c!

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