More Often than Not, Things Are Best Left Alone

I was a weird kid.

And it took me a while to accept that the other kids didn’t share my interests.

They scoffed at ghosts. They didn’t exhaust their library’s paranormal section. They didn’t chase down stories of myths and the macabre.

All those hours gobbling grisly tales in my youth did teach me a few things, though. Perhaps the most important was learning that there are times when you need to walk away.

And times when you need to run.

Tavern of Terror Volume 3 brings you twelve tales of characters that discover this a little too late.

A grieving father realizes that his son’s death wasn’t a tragic accident, and he’ll go to terrible lengths to get his revenge. The desire to master fear draws a man toward a mysterious figure, a stranger who promises to help him fulfill his insatiable goal. And a woman who has enjoyed a demon’s good favor her whole life discovers demonic devotion is a dangerous thing.

Remember, while we’re searching for the weird, terrifying, and grotesque, they could be searching for us, too.

Keep your wits, learn what you can…

…and always be ready to run.

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Other volumes in the series:

See you in the shadows,

Sara Clancy

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