Monsters Under your Bed… Are Coming for You…

I’ve always had a fascination for monsters.

When I was a child, they were scratching across the bottom of my bed or opening and closing closet doors. At 12, I swore that the second floor of our house was home to a monster I called ‘Spike’ – apparently he was an over-sized porcupine. At 20, the basement to my home was a haven for monsters of all shapes and sizes. Some wanting to play, others waiting for me to make the mistake of turn off the lights.

You see, I understood ghosts. I knew what they were erand why they were there. I was freaked out by demons and possessions, and there was a solution to that, too. But monsters? You never know what you’re getting when you deal with that particular form of the paranormal. How do you kill it? Can it be killed? What does it want? Just one big question mark.

And as Lovecraft used to say, the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown.

In this collection, Scare Street brings you some of its most notorious monster tales, all together in one box set that will definitely make you feel the chills run up and down your spine. It’s our way of raising a glass to those beautifully dark and unknown creatures that have haunted us for most of our lives, and will probably continue to do so for a very long time.

And what better time to do that than in October? After all, Halloween is near…

…and that’s when the monsters are the loudest.

Monster Collection is available for purchase from Amazon today!

See you in the Shadows,

A.I. Nasser

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