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You know, I’ve lived in New England my entire life.

Most people, when they think of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Maine, have a pleasant image of idyllic towns and tiny villages. Maybe a coastal town and a lighthouse that has been shining for a hundred years. Perhaps a few people will even reflect on the bigger cities, Boston and Hartford, Connecticut.

But there exists a reality that few consider.

The mills.

Many of New England’s cities were mill cities, and most of the mills remain. They are long, brick buildings, some decorated with wooden brackets where the roof extends beyond the wall, and pilasters around the doors. Yet in spite of the attempts at class and elegance, the mills were places of horror.

Child labor and dangerous machinery. People working to death. Assaults and homicides. Suicides.

Windows were painted black. Doors were locked and chained shut.

While New England thrived with the mills, those who worked within them were physically broken and discarded.

The mills were, unsurprisingly, places of misery.

How much of that horror and pain has remained? And what if there was a ghost who resides there, not one who suffered, but actually causes the suffering?

I thought of these things, and discussed them with Shane and Frank. It’s a dark road that these two men are embarking on, and I hope you travel with them to the end.

I’m excited to announce that Slater Mill is available on Mar 29 and you can pre-order it now on Amazon!

Slater Mill Cover

This is the 7th installment of the Berkley Street series. For the best reading experience, please read the following in chronological order:
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2. The Lighthouse
3. The Town of Griswold
4. Sanford Hospital
5. Kurkow Prison
6. Lake Nutaq
7. Slater Mill

Keeping it spooky,
Ron Ripley and Team Scare Street

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